Handrails Brisbane


Standard Timber Handrail Styles

Stairpro -Handrails Brisbane has a range of high quality timber handrails, in assorted profiles and sizes to suit any décor. Our timber handrail selection, combined with our baluster range, can create a vast array of combinations, resulting in the most stunning staircases.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, we have a collection of cutters, so we can customize a profile to suite your needs.



 60mm Dia (SHD60)          68X42 (SHO6842)               68X42 (SHB6842)                68X42 (SHP6842)

 50mm Dia (SHD50)          80X42 (SHO8042)               80X42 (SHB8042)                80X42 (SHP8042)



  65x65 (SHL6565)            68X42 (SHV6842)              68X42 (SHM6842)               68X42 (SHC6842)

  80X65 (SHL8065)




   86x32 (SBRC8632)          86X32 (SBRP8632)

   60X32 (SBRC6032)          60X32 (SBRP6032)